Harris J ( 24th June 2021 )

In todays blog, I will be writing about the singer Harris J,  a POPULAR nashed singer!

Enjoy the blog!!

Harris J was born on the 2nd May 1997 and has a very mixed backround

You see, his father, Rahim Jung is an Indian and Irish man who is on Islam Channel

And his mum, Amy Jung is a Jamaican and English woman.

He is the first child of his parents

2 sisters are Isla and Meya Jung

2 brothere are Yusha and AJ Jung

He graduated from BRIT school

In 2013, he competed in the Awakening Music Contest and WOOON

His first album was called Salaam and his first song was Assalamualaykum


You see, after the UK tour, Harris J QUIT The Awakening Music

In 2018, he made a song called Living Life but he could not do it because he signed GRM daily

But before he did the song at GRM daily , he made a song called Human

AFTER THAT, his song on GRM daily was Dangerous ft R.A and Ard Arz

In 2021, in March, he FINALLY sang Living Life and for once in his life, he was independent

Soo, hope you liked the blog today😊

I will write later!!


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